The Night the Band Got In the Play

It’s funny what comes to mind while sitting down to share in this blog. In the late ‘40s, the Mount Pleasant Tiger Band uniform consisted of black, billed cap, gold jacket, black/Sam Brown belt and black pants with gold strip down the leg. Worn with a white shirt, black tie, black shoes and socks, we simply thought we were resplendent. When new, the uniform held it’s body well, but with continued wear, it had a tendency to sag, especially when wet (and it did rain a lot in East Texas). We usually sat in assigned seats in the grandstand unless it was a well-attended game, then we sat in folding chairs on the sideline at the twenty-yard line. I don’t recall who we were playing, but I do recall the night the final tackle was made in our midst. Music, chairs, instruments, hats and all went flying. I just knew my cornet was ruined, but only the wooden instruments were damaged most. The wooden folding chairs were destroyed and after we gathered all the music, horns and whatever, we spent the rest of the game in our school bus. Talk about miserable!!! That one play did more damage than you could imagine. Appearance and rehearsals were delayed until the damaged instruments could be replaced or repaired. Fortunately, there never was another contest that required sideline seating. I also vowed that I would never take another school bus trip, but that certainly didn’t pan out, donchaknow, really. Now, I realize our greatest fear was that our instruments would be damaged that night, but never gave thanks that there were no serious injuries. Until now. It’s good that GOD has patience for waiting on me.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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