Help! I can’t read what I write!

Windows 10 stinks!  It has some great features, but I CAN’T READ THE COTTON-PICKIN’ PRINT!  Since I am one of those uniquely  talented ‘color-blind’ people, I can’t tell you what color it is, but whatever the color, I can’t read it without squinting. I can’t find how to change it to plain black, but I bet there is someone out there in the universe who can do it. All I want for Christmas? Well, let me give a hint; I just want someone to tell me “How To Read My Print”, donchaknow, please. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates (and I wish I could put it back)    AMEN

2 thoughts on “Help! I can’t read what I write!

  1. Jim,

    I don’t have an answer but you might want to listen to Kim Komando or call in to her show whenever it’s broadcast on your local radio station. Heck, you might even get a prize for calling in!

    Here’s a link to her website:



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