Happy Talk

My good friend and former Dallas weather caster, Troy Dungan, told me of a delightful gentleman who greeted them at a restaurant while touring Europe. When Troy asked “How are you?”. he responded with what has become my favorite slogan/message: “Too Blessed to be Depressed; Too Anointed to be Disappointed”.  Troy told me of that encounter while our families were dining together,  right after I moved here.  I’ve not forgotten that message and I attempt to live each day in that truth.  There was a very popular song a few years back, “Don’t worry, Be Happy” that said what I am talking about. With all that GOD has done for us, we must choose to be ‘happy’.  What our gentleman said says it all.  A totally happy person counts everything that occurs as great!  A true believer in My LORD JESUS CHRIST knows, without a doubt, that he is totally protected under HIS powerful wings.  Circumstances and being Bi-Polar could give me every reason to be depressed, but since I am ‘blessed and anointed’, I would be accusing GOD of not being truthful. I honestly make myself happy, every day. The degree is determined by choosing spiritual strength guaranteed as a child of the KING, donchaknow, really. With all this knowledge, my only unhappiness is being out of breath and the Aggies and Cowboys being ‘out-scored’.  Of course, you know that Texas A&M has never been beat, just ‘out-scored’ and my Boys with the Blue Star are the same.  It’s always poor officiating and the other team not playing fair, anyway. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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