Talk about tickin’ somebody off…!!

  • Politics is just one big ‘broadway’ production. We take it as fact when it is like “The 64-thousand dollar pyramid”, “Spiderman”, “Professional Wrestling” and “debates”. It is simply play-acting. News media knows this, but they still fill hours of ‘news’ by regurgitating over it. The whole idea of mudslinging is to move the focus away from one’s own vulnerability to the opponent’s, even if absurd. College debaters understand the process. They blast away at the premise of the other team and upon conclusion, go out and have dinner with them. Professional wrestlers may appear to tear each other apart in the ring, then ride to the next venue in the same car. To find a true weakness makes for success, so everyone fires shotgun blasts just in case they can bring about a duck or blink. It’s common practice and to make an issue out of it is a waste of our time. Political campaigns are simply make believe and it’s a shame we spend so much time and money on them. Isn’t it interesting that, after a winner has been determined, reasons to ask for more donations come in a steady stream. I want the folks who have given the responsiblity to save me money and keep me safe, not charge me more and make me uneasy. GOD bless us with CALM and make us WHOLE and GREAT again!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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