One More Silent Singer

I’ve not experienced out-living my children, but I’ve sure experienced out-living many of my former students. The young lady about whom I shared when her mother provided her opportunity to study with the pros in California, Karen Kraft passed away. GOD will not need more contraltos, really. Karen had a pretty difficult life as a performer, but she certainly had a winner in a son. I met him while in Las Vegas. He was there competing against other  chess masters. Karen was very proud of him, and rightly so. Just as all former students, Karen Kraft was outstanding and a delight to teach. I will miss her very much. Her story underlines what I’ve preached for years: If a child has a desire and shows the slightest talent, encourage them and support them, win or lose. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   RIP, sweet girl!      AMEN

One thought on “One More Silent Singer

  1. I was also so sad to learn about Karen. She became my friend when she played in Calamity Jane, and I was still in muddle school. Although we hadn’t seen each other in several years, we kept in touch via Facebook, until she became ill a couple of years ago. There is certainly a leading contralto in God’s choir now!


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