Wading Wonderings

I am beginning to think that our addiction to social ‘networking’ is simply offering opportunities for hackers. As I receive Facebook postings, I pray that those who tell all where they are, have good security back at the house. I am old-fashioned enough to be uncomfortable with public offering of our children’s photos, but as I say, I am old. I am very pleased that so many of my friends find time to ‘eat out’, but it isn’t nice not to offer me some ‘take-out”, donchaknow, really. I wonder if hackers ever go to worship and sing to Jesus. (I also wonder if our elected officials ever do, also). It would be good if, as all the family gathers for Christmas, someone would read the passage in the Bible that describes that first Christmas and everyone would take a moment to thank GOD for HIS GIFT. (Luke 2:1-20). My attempts to record this passage for you left a bit to be desired, so I suppose someone will have to read it Christmas Morning for you. Even though it has been repeated, over and over, there still is evidence that most who hear, ignore, so with GODs Grace and Mercy quite evident, Christmas 2016 will go into the books,  whether folks know the real reason or not. I do know everyone could be a bit safer with less publicity about ‘where and when’. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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