I Really Didn’t Know What I Was Doing

There are times when I wished I had prepared for a job by taking some basic courses.  I never had a doubt that I could do whatever I tried.  Even when told “No, Thanks”, I never considered it to a failure. It was always a learning experience and I suppose it served the same purpose as the classroom and cost much less. I must have come off as arrogant and conceited, since I was accused of both a few times, but I like to think it to be ‘self-assured’. I just looked up some of the fellow thespians I worked with on stage and I recall one particular incident where I appeared to be totally without a clue. Houston was (is) a tough town to land a theatrical part. Newcomers are seldomly chosen for major productions’  principal roles. Had I remained in the cast of “A Little Night Music”, I never would have had the wonderful experience of a national tour with a ‘hit’ company. I had been given a book and was told I would play one of the leads. Next morning, I was called and informed that the ‘committee’ had determined that the role should go to a more ‘familiar’ actor. I returned the book and soon was a member of another major production. Even when I was told the news, it didn’t really hurt much. I always knew there would be something better, down the road. One incident underlined the protective attitude of the  Houston theatrical club. After being chosen a cast member of TBLWHIT, I was victim of an attempt to remove me from that cast. The Leading Lady took me to lunch and purposefully arrived back at rehearsal, ten-minutes late. She seemed very surprised when it was she who suffered the consequence when later her backstage antics cost her the leading role. I had  heard of incidents when an actor or actress ‘lost it’, but that one was a doozie, donchaknow. You learn a lot from studying the pros, donchanknow. I am not pleased with myself, for thinking “I” had done all those wonderful things on my own, but as I quietly reconsider, I know from whom all  blessings flow, really.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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