Small Stuff

It’s funny how all the things I write about are put to the test soon after. Just yesterday I wrote about “Small Stuff” and up one jumped yesterday afternoon. The test I am currently enduring requires ‘samples’. Finally, I could provide them, so, using Uber, off we hunkle and arrive around 3:45PM.  Uber said he would wait for five minutes and I found the office locked, so I quickly returned to find Uber no where in sight. For some strange reason, Uber will not accept my cell phone, so my daughter does all that business. I called her and …here comes the small stuff…my cell went dead!  I was miles away from home, no Uber, no cell, no hope and after kicking myself for not seeing my cell was fully charged before leaving home, I sat and waited. In the meantime my daughter was in a dither, worried about the old guy. As offices began closing and still no familiar face, I really began to be concerned. Just before 6PM, there were three familiar faces approaching from the parking lot. My son-in-law, after picking up my grandchildren from after-school activites, was there! What had become rather ‘large’ stuff, returned to normal and he even stopped for a chicken sandwich. I did humbly accept a rather controlled admonition from my daughter and WILL see that my cell is fully charged before traipsing off in the future. I have determined another fact from this experience. To put to practice all the good suggestions myself, takes a bunch of faith and prayer, donchaknow, really…and it ain’t easy being me. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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