Wondering about Wandering

We have experienced a most important period of conflict and contention and it appears that some are not finished with the skirmish. To be satisfied with political outcome requires submission to a higher power than government. No one party or person will ever please ALL, but until each of us can come to the mindset of who that Higher Power is, can that comfort be attained. I am not talking about everyone’s god, but the one Supreme Being who created everything and everyone. We can gripe, complain and demonstrate. We can cause difficulties through destruction. We can refuse to honor those who have given everything to guarantee our freedom to do so. We can hate or we can love. We can do any or all of these things but it will never happen in our lifetime. The Bible tells us how to survive, but we seem to be too suspicious of the truth. I am very sorry, donchaknow, really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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