A Round 2it

round-2it“Tomorrow” is beaten to death by me.  I live in clutter. I  have no idea as to how it comes about. I start out with a perfectly empty desk and in just a few short hours, can’t find the top of it. At Colonial Village, the corner of my closet served  very well as  a dirty clothes hamper, but here I have a special place that seems to fill up rapidly. What is my solution? It’s simple: I’ll get around to it, tomorrow. So, I made my own ’round 2 it’ and have placed it here just in case you are interested. I am going a step further and printing a large copy to place above my desk. Perhaps that will result in a more pristine environment, but don’t count on it. Lower Slob-ovia has been my residence for over 80-years. To do things differently will take more effort than I have ever made. It is minimal among the scope of prayers of need, but I could use some, donchaknow, really! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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