A Man’s Man

You know how I feel about the Dallas Cowboys. You know how I feel about the Texas Aggies.  You know how exciting it has been for both my teams. Now I find my Ags are having trouble (which it appears to delight the media) and the Cowboys are leading the entire NFL with two rookies. I love football and greatly admire any man who can play that game. I have felt every blow to every quarterback, especially to Tony Romo.  I know of very few athletes who can come back and play after the injuries suffered by him. Y. A. Tittle,  Terry Bradshaw and Don Meredith, Jay Cutler and Tony immediately come to mind, . To be a quarterback in the National Football League takes a distinct character. Every eye and every ‘gunner’ is on you, every minute you are on that field. Every 300 pound behemoth is aiming for your hide. Then, just when things are beginning to come together, one of those beasts reaches my quarterback and he is down, writhing in pain for the umpteenth time. I really didn’t want to see him banged up again. I had mixed emotions as to whether he should return to action. All of the ups and downs of the quarterback situation in Dallas came to an abrupt end yesterday. My quarterback stood in front of a packed press conference and spoke to the issue for over five minutes. Tony Romo is man-enough to do the right thing for HIS team and relinquish the mantel to a rookie. Not just any rookie, but what appears to be, a future winner at the position. Tony Romo may take a back seat to Dak Prescott, but Dak Prescott has yet to totally earn the honor of being chosen to be ‘first chair’. I do not  doubt he can do it, but I will wager that he feels the heat of the breath of a “Mans Man” on the back of his neck. If he doesn’t accept the responsibility of playing for ‘two’ and taking the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl, there is someone in his shadow who can. We’ve seen what can happen when a star tumbles down. I pray that our two rookies stay healthy. Talk about a thrill to watch, even quick shots of Tony on the sideline tells just how exciting the prospect is. He has basked in the glory and he feels it for Dak.  Every win is for a “Man’s Man” Tony, this one’s for you!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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