Ed Geldart was a good friend with whom I shared many hours on the stage. He was a most talented artist with a face that cameras loved. He played bit-parts in many movies with his biggest role as John Travolta’s father in “Urban Cowboy”.  From 1974 until 2001, Ed had bit parts in 2o movies. I was in a crowd scene in his 21st, but we got only to the cutting floor. Ed passed away in 2002. If you check him out on the internet, you find his list of movies and the role he played. The touring cast made a spoof on Dracula that Ed produced and it was pretty bad. I loved Ed Geldart. He was my best friend during out national tour. As is always the case, one loses contact with good friends when going separate ways, but that friendship remains. Ed and I shared the experience of being ‘forgotten’ by famous people with whom we shared special events. When we were playing in Vegas, Sammy Davis, Jr. was starring. Ed and Sammy were friends before Sammy became famous. Ed’s mother allowed Sammy to sleep on their couch when times were hard. Ed and I went to see one of Sammy’s shows and were admitted backstage. Sammy was standing with fans, just outside his dressing room when we walked up. Ed stuck out his hand and said, “Sammy! It’s been a while.”  Sammy looked at my friend, frowned and turned to enter his dressing room.  Ed was crushed. It really hurt him and I felt that pain for my friend. I’ve told you of my unpleasant experience of being shunned by Roger Wagner, Mitch Miller and Tommy Tune, but it didn’t mean as much as Sammy Davis, Jr’s rudeness. I suppose it comes with the territory of fame for one to forget those with whom they shared events before becoming famous, but I trust that should I ever have the pleasure of meeting one of the members of the cast of our National Tour, they will at least be kind enough to say hello. This brings me to my point of palaver: There is one who will never forget nor fail to save us from eternal tribulation. If you haven’t made HIM resident of your heart, please do so. He is the reason for the Christmas Season and HE is MY FRIEND. HIS name is JESUS!  That is HIS knock at your heart’s door and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.        AMEN

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