Political Oscars

Politicians are professional actors. Their lines have been the same for centuries. They project honesty and say the right things on stage, but once the curtain falls, they resume who they really are.  Usually their persona is not as kind and entertaining as when ‘on’. I was a professional actor for a few years and I said my lines fairly well. When the curtain fell, I forgot the character I played and was myself. When the run of the show was over, I could walk away totally content with who I truly was. As I watched our President and President-elect, chat, I thought,”Boy! I bet the conversation behind the closed doors wasn’t as sweet!” It seems that conversation gave our POTUS-elect reason to reconsider Obama’s Health Care. To some that might indicate weakness, but to me it boldly underlines the ability to govern on the part of a man not used to reconsidering. There still remains grave responsibility on both of these men. One still has the power of the office and in compliance with his oath and duty, should firmly put a stop to the violence and hatred resulting from what is mistakenly taken as ‘free speech’. His is the voice that will put to rest the unrest. His is the duty, yet to be performed. His is the moment when honor and respectability  of the office will be revitalized.  His is the last chance to stand ‘center stage’ and deliver lines that will leave a Legacy worthwhile. That is what I get from My Box of Chocolates

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