Actions and Reactions

It distresses me that news media falls into the trap of sensationalism, featuring the bad things we do and thus flipping the switch of those who are easily incited to violence. You want to know what Satan looks like?  Study the faces of our neighbors carrying hateful signs and smashing private property. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that ISIS is funding all of it. I  apologize to readers who find some of my postings too upsetting. I will never attempt to force my religious nor political beliefs on anyone, but forgive me for defending them. I will listen to everyone’s opinions and celebrate the guaranteed freedom of that expression, but my skin is not so sensitive as to be bruised by conflicting opinion, nor am I swayed from what I believe and MY right to express my  belief. You want to ‘demonstrate’ and carry hateful signs that you might call justified, but I reserve the right to ignore them and move on. I pray you do the same. We each must filter opinion through our own belief system, make a decision as to its value and take appropriate action. The problem today is one of  sin-nature outshouting the still small voice of GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT. I have shared from my heart, here in this posting. The power of SIN runs rampant in this nation. I find it difficult to separate violent demonstrations for acts of terrorism. Anytime anyone forces change through violence, it is just that – terrorism. To ever think there will be peace on earth is illicit. This world, as we know it, is temporal and until a person comes to the realization that this is NOT all there is, terror will result. I believe there is no ‘gray’, but only black or white. Being Christian requires tough love, donchaknow, really.  For me to live another day without sharing my Faith is a sin. I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart will be acceptable to My LORD, JESUS CHRIST. How anyone else takes it..well…that’s what makes discourse exhilarating and that’s what comes from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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