What I meant to say

I reviewed this mornings waterwader after my first cup of coffee and realized just how ridiculous my suggestion of parental response really was. I do not believe my son and daughters would resort to violence and destruction.  They probably would ‘demonstrate’, but never destroy property nor shout hateful slogans. They would never lift their voices, but they just might participate, until things got ugly. If they did so. If they smashed things, I certainly wouldn’t wade out, grab them by their ear and unceremoniously escort them home. It would break my heart, but since they are all near retirement age and have children of their own at the right age to participate, peacefully, they would not go quietly and since my son is bigger, it would be my butt that was bruised. Disregard all the rhetoric of the earlier wade. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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