Keep It Local!

National coverage is making riots and vandalism attractive.  Donald Trump is not an enemy. Other than getting on TV, what are the rebels are demanding?  If you are ‘radical’ environmentalist, then you must be inspired by this tragic display of freedom by the misled. Turn the camera OFF ! Let those whose responsbility is to protect us do their job. Where are the elected officials who are in charge of safety and common sense?. This must stop. Please, show respect to our elected officials and give them a chance to do their job, also. Stop being a sore loser. Where is the backbone of America’s elected?  Oh!  I have an Epiphany! SIN wins when non-believers are the loudest voice. As a Choral Director, I would love to participate in singing patriotic songs along the streets where the ‘demonstrators’ demonstrate.America DEFEND the FAITH and parents, you should go where your child is rioting, take the sweetheart home an bust a butt, take away their Ipad, the car keys you paid for and put them on a “boiled rice and water” diet.. That’s what I would do and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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