When the ability has gone

Times were when I could do a bunch of stuff. Today it simply isn’t interesting. Slowing down has its disadvantages, donchaknow. As I sit here, staring at my monitor and clicking on my keyboard, I am totally happy. Excepting for my meds, I have the whole day to flit away, without a care at all. All the things I ‘Usta’ are simply that. At the time I thought they were all very important. They occupied my life  with no choice but to stay at it. Today, the ability has gone and the desire to ‘do’ has waned and it’s O K. Gray hair resulted gradually, not as rapidly as when a man sits at the oval desk on the hill. I have never been a prospect for Grecian 5. I prefer a natural head-of-hair for everyone, but it’s okay if someone has a different idea. Intimacy between male and female has been and will be for me, but there seems to be an increase in the number of folks who think differently. I respect someone’s right to an abortion or a different sexual preference, but I don’t think we need a law that says it’s okay. I prefer the “Live-and-Let-Live, Forgive-and-Forget” philosophy. I believe it to be scriptural. I seem to outlive the average life-span, but it comes as no surprise since all my family pushed the century mark. For years, those who thought outside the norm were described as “marching to the sound of different drummer”, but today, those of us who adhere to GOD’s Law are exceptions to the rule. I am rather pleased to be one who refuses to ‘adapt’ to new philosophies. I shall continue to refuse to compromise……. one ability I’ve not lost, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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