‘Tis a Puzzlement!

Relocating has drawbacks, even with the speed of communication. My first visit with a new doctor in Longview was not ‘registered’ with my medicare policy. I had a new card with my Texas doctor’s name on it, but was billed full cost. My first two visits to that doctor had a co-pay of $15, which I paid. The final visit would have cost me $45?? I seems that records are not current with the insurance company. My receipts solved that problem. I finally got a voter’s registration for Gregg county, just prior to moving to The Colony. I filed for a new registration here in Denton county in September when I got my Texas ID. I got my new voter’s card two weeks ago and immediately requested an absentee  ballot. (no way can I stand in a voting line). It’s been weeks since I mailed that request and here I am, two days before the election and no ballot. (Not surprising since my second insurance card still has my Longview doctor’s name on it) I refuse to think “conspiracy”, but with all the lies and misdemeanors  of this election, I wonder. So, I will take my walker, my oxygen tank, bottle of water, put on my shades, my Cowboy sun-hat – voter registration in hand- and stand in that line, and vote for TRUMP!  Not ‘against’ that other person, but FOR TRUMP!! Ain’t nobody perfect, donchaknow, you and me included. During my life, I’ve seen a lot of detritus flushed down the toilet, but not my country, not now, not ever. ‘course, you vote your own  conscience (I ignored mine a while, but I pray you still have yours). That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN… now VOTE!

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