A Bunch of Posts and Time for a Break

This is the real “nitty gritty”.

I’ve published over a thousand posts from 2013 to the present. The first few hundred were included in “Family Circle”. “waterwader” is only two-years-old, but I’m Tired. After giving it a lot of thought, I feel I need a sabbatical to revitalize. I need to research just what I’ve shared and look for new wanderings. For those of you who find statistics interesting, here is what WordPress shows thus far for “ww”(not including two years of “Family Circle”):

Posts              595

Numbers of visits from:

  •  US                    4,044 (Facebook 2,122)
  •  Brazil                      61
  •  Italy, Canada           9
  •   Chzech Repub.       7
  •   Russia, Thailand    4
  •   Spain, Ireland, UK  3
  •   Switzerland              2

That’s a bunch of sharing, donchaknow, really!  I am astonished to find that there are folks from all over the world who have taken time to visit. I even have had “look-ins” from 59 search engines. (wonder if “BigBrother” is included?) Just so those interested will know, my plan is to begin sharing again on December 29, 2016. That will be my report fromy first ‘full family gathering in Bryan in over 40-years. In the meantime, please VOTE. Please Pray for our nation. Please study HIS WORD, Pray for GOD’s Wisdom and a Clean Heart.    Only GOD can make America Great Again.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN


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