My Lift Chair

I have no idea as to when ‘medical lift chairs’ were available, but COPD left me unable to lie flat, so we ordered my first chair in April, 2012, from J C Penney. Even though it was costly, it made it possible for me to get a good night’s sleep. That chair was manufactured by Franklin Furniture in Mississippi. I moved it to Longview, but soon discovered it was running out of juice, so I bequeathed it to my friend, A. J., he weighs in at just over 90 pounds, so it will handle him easily. My only complaint about the first lift chair was that my feet extended over the footrest, so it required another footresst, like a hassock. When I came to The Colony, I did some reasearch and discovered that there were lift chairs made specifically for those of us over 6’2″.  I thought I had found one, but I still extend over the footrest, so my family purchased an adjustable bed that is a HOOT. I’m telling you, I can lift knees and place the mattress in a ‘V’ or I can lower my feet and raise my head or I can do all kinds of adjustments on my new bed. Now, you talk about a ‘doozie’, this one is. Mattie T was very happy to see me and she switched from Alan’s bed to mine until the first night I ran the adjustment motor. She’s stayed upstairs since. I am very thankful for medicare. I could never afford the doctors, meds and the breathing equipment I need. I thank GOD for my family, medical insurance and fine doctors it affords. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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