America Past, Passed

Not many reading this recall living in America in the thirties and forties. I just watched “Patton” on Netflix and was reminded of the heroic sacrifice by so many for us to enjoy life here, today. The General rather reminded me of the man running for office. He was known to say what he meant and cared not for it being “correct”. That being said, what I recall was a slogan that came out of that conflict that read, “Kilroy Was Here”.  He appeared everywheren world-wide, yet no one ever found him. He was not the most appealing of persons and with half of his face covered by the fence from which he was hanging by his fingers and rather long nose, he was even more the mystery. All in innocence, Kilroy became a household word. Folks thought maybe he was a soldier who signed a wall once and it become popular to copy it. I don’t know, but I do know that things were much simpler and the truth was easier to find. Kilroy disappeared after the war, but you still can find him cropping up from time to time. One thing for sure, once you see him, you won’t forget him. I think him to be very special, donchaknow, really. I do know that “Killroy was Here” is much better than “Kill Cops”.  We surely have come a long way.  GOD have Mercy!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

One thought on “America Past, Passed

  1. Patton was and still is a great movie. I pull it out and watch it about once a year of so. If you haven’t done so, get the Band of Brothers HBO series. Another one on our yearly watch list. It’s about 10 hours or so,


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