The Pom-Pom

As I grow older, my mind is filled with wonderings. Today, as I watched “Fox and Friends” from Vegas, Brian interviewed Cheerleaders from UNLV. I have wondered where pom-poms came from and just what they represent. Here is what Wikipedia says:
Cheerleaders use pom-poms at sports events for five reasons:
to attract the attention of the spectators
to accentuate movements
to add “sparkle” to a cheer, chant, or dance routine
to distract the opposing team
to spell out team’s name or “go” (I can’t see this one)

Interestingly enough, there is no mention as to their origination. It was probably P. T. Barnum, donchaknow. At any rate, pom-pom business must be very good, ’cause they all use them.(I took two ball caps and did the ‘pom-pom’ thing for one minute and my arms got pretty tired).It makes me respect those young ladies who waggle the things for an entire football game. Another thought, and it’s one of relief, …I am so thrilled that my Aggie Yell Leaders haven’t gone to pom-poms. Of course, since I mention it, the “Odd-Ball-Brigade” will probably start some kind of action. If that occurs, it will be time to ‘arm the corps’. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN or “OH, MY”?

One thought on “The Pom-Pom

  1. Some things are definitely best left alone! To that I shout a mighty AMEN!!! Gig ‘Em!

    I do wish you had posted a video of your fun time with your ‘pom poms’!!!😁

    Love you…m❤️


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