Internet Addiction

For nearly 30 years, I’ve been spending hours on my PC(now a laptop). I’ve worn our a few machines and with each startup there are problems. I just completed downloading the full Windows 10 and much to my surprise, it did not include a DVD/CD drive. I purchased an external optical drive before leaving Longview, but it wasn’t until this past week that I got all of it together. A few days of frustration, attempting to discover the best ‘download’ for W-10 and finally, with the help of a nice young lady at Microsoft, we got it done. It wasn’t a short-lived experience, but it is now completed. Then, I needed a ‘player’. My usual Windows Player doesn’t work with W-10, so my son-in-law suggested one and ‘ding’ here it is. I found it easy to download, until the internet crashed. It was at that moment that I admitted addiction to internet. I have my Kindle, but with no internet, I could only read a novel or play solitaire. Bummer! Frustrated, I watched daytime TV (including Disney, of course). I am once again connected with you and, hopefully, no more problems. I have opted out of Facebook, so contact will only be through this blog, by my email. I believe ‘waterwader’ will still be posted on Facebook, however, to be sure you may ‘register to follow’ at the site. I do appreciate hearing from you. I plan to join the Austin Family Christmas Gathering this year. I believe we will be in Bryan for a few days, right after Christmas. It would be good to ‘gather’ with some of you then. Martha is working that out. GOD has blessed us all, even though unworthy, and HE will continue to care for HIS own, donchaknow. Our only source of eternal promise is HIS Mercy and Grace. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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