Dr. David C. Brown, Sr

Our first church in Las Vegas was First Southern. Pastor Jim McElroy was just what we needed to bond that family. He was very special in his caring ministry to us. I filled in leading worship, from time to time, but it wasn’t until visiting Foothills strip-center gathering that I found a calling. Just after I joined the team, the Pastor moved on and a young Texas preacher and his family came to take over. Foothills moved from the storefront to their own complex within a short time. They grew so quickly, they could afford to call their own full-time worship leader, so I went visiting. My mother had come to live with us and she determined to visit Green Valley Baptist. On the way, we passed Desert Hills Baptist and she said, “Let’s visit here”, and we did. Bill Walker was worship leader and Dr. David C. Brown,Sr. was pastor. Much to our surprise, Bill welcomed us to the service and later, we learned why. He and his wife were about to take a sojourn of over a month and he was interested in my filling in. I did and over 20-years later, I was still there. Dr. David C Brown was one of those very unique individuals whose intelligence could have resulted in preaching way over our heads, but he didn’t. He was my first “Adrian Rogers”. He could preach like a storyteller. He had a loving manner and sense of humor that slipped up on you. He became a very close friend and our ‘two-for-one-coupon-lunches at IHOP will long endure as precious and true. He  loved his people and was not only a tall man in the pulpit, but also well respected in Southern Baptist circles as a long-time member of their Executive Commission. Our relationship came to an abrupt stop due to some unexpected changes in his administrative staff. I will always be confused about the whole thing, but suffice it to say, his actions led to further success for all concerned. I loved Dr David C Brown and look forward to meeting him again when this life ends. As a matter of fact, I have a plethora of folks to look forward to seeing for an eternity. I call men like him, “GOD’s GIANTS”!   I am so blessed to have a GODly Man in the Pulpit! I pray that you are blessed by one of those special men, also. That’s what I get in My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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