Zippers and Zappers

One of my college suitemates was from Rodessa, Louisiana. He was attending on a GI Bill, so you would think he would be able to remember to zip his pants, but it required a sign pasted on the door to remind him. I believe that mistake is the most frightening for men. Just the thought can cause rigors. I recall a most embarrassing such moment when leading the worship music in a Baptist Church. It wasn’t until I felt a ‘draft’ while standing behind the pulpit that I realized my mistake. Talk about panic!! I did the only thing I could think of to give myself opportunity to correct my error. At the end of the first hymn, I asked that we pray. With all heads bowed I prayed a prayer of thanks for God’s Grace and the chance to ‘zip-up’. That prayer was most assuredly one of thanks. Later, my Pastor told me that the same thing had happened to him. Needless to say, I was much more careful thereafter. Not quite as frightening, but just as stressful was the night I failed to have the check to pay Miss Mona for the Aggie boys night out. I hugged June’s neck for saving me. When I felt for the check that wasn’t there, all I could do was apologize and say, “Aww, Miss Mona, my secretary failed to put one in my coat. I’ll just send it along tomorrow. You know I’m good for it.” That moment I will never forget and forever be grateful for June Terry’s quick response, “Well, make sure you do, J T, we don’t operate on credit here!” I was kindly reprimanded by the stage manager and noted his subtle smile as he walked away. The dance captain placed herself in the wing to remind me after that night. It wasn’t necessary. I never forget that check, six-nights-per-week, for over three years. In the theater, small oversights can destroy a scene. That’s why there were people whose only duty was to take care of “props”. My experience ‘on stage’ has convinced me of the utmost importance of those in the wings. It’s a shame they aren’t included in the curtain call. The three productions I did in Charlotte, ended with the inclusion of ‘back stage’ at curtain call. No production would ever go off smoothly without those who served behind the curtain. One last thought, these times of error, when things could have gone very badly, I know that it wasn’t of my own intelligence that I managed to elude embarrassment. It was DIVINE INTERVENTION! GOD is Great, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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