Sore Losers (political opinion)

There were times when my buddies and I would be at one of their houses, playing touch football, when the score wasn’t to the liking of the ‘host’, he would pick up the ball, go into his house and lock the door. Even though it was usually the same boy, since his yard was large enough, we put up with it. No rules were broken, but when playing with sore losers, their ‘feelings’ dictated the outcome. We put up with the situation until the First Methodist Church hired a pastor with a son our age. Then we moved to the very nice, large yard next to the church. I always provided the ball. Those were games we completed and the losers were good sports. Perhaps the question of control of our congress is simply a matter of voters becoming fed up with all those who have failed to do as ‘we’ wished. This could be the beginning of a ‘three-party’ system with people in charge instead of party, donchaknow. One thing for sure, GOD will take care of those who are HIS own, but HE smiles more when we vote the right choice.
That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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