A Place of My Own

From a one-room house in Mount Pleasant, Texas to one room in Longview and stops in Bryan, Brenham, Chapel Hill, Bolivar, Houston, Las Vegas and Charlotte, I now have two rooms, one of which is an elderly “Man Cave”. I enjoyed a number of years in my “Aggie” office in Charlotte. Maroon and white, and the only thing missing was a large picture of Kyle Field. Alan has worked very hard and he and Jeanie are putting the finishing touches to my “Suite” of two rooms here in The Colony. You would not believe the excellence of remodeling this man has done, plus hold down an administrative position with a health management company. Needless to say, had I designed the ideal husband for my daughter, Alan is “he”! Thank you, son. I am so proud of my home here and since the State of Texas is my birth place, close to the “Blue Star” of my Cowboys and spitting distance from Kyle Field, how could anyone ask for more. I am blessed and humbled by GOD’s provision. If I can find one of those “Fat” things of Kyle Field, I have a wall for it. I am so proud of my ‘Man Cave’, I plan to video and share it with you. I believe I can include video here, so I will check that out, also. Oh, and by the way, not only am I close to my daughters and their families, I am blessed by sharing a home with my precious little guys, Marilyn and Austin. At five, they are too much fun to describe. Austin said that I was his buddy and Marilyn loves my “PopiEggs”. I also have my sweet little Pom, MattieT, along with three extremely independent felines. My Aggies are winning and my Cowboys are too, so with GOD’s blessings and Mercy and Grace, I shall bask in HIS Glory. For the first time in over 40-years, I am to share Christmas with my ‘first family’ so how much more do I need? I’m too anointed to be disappointed and too blessed to be depressed. My prayer is that you are also. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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