The Model “T”

In 1952, my college quartet sang a Barbershop ditty entitled, “Cruisin’ in my Model “T”. Henry Ford built a very simple vehicle that was most popular. In 1948, Horace Keith (Bo-Diddle) Williams and his brother, Kenneth, rebuilt a Model T and it was a high school ‘hit’. We discovered how important a car could be as a ‘chick magnet’. Bo and us boys had a ball tooling around Titus County on weekends. One particular excursion ended getting stuck in a creek near the Mount Pleasant Community Airport. We had to call on my uncle Billy to pull us out with his Jeep. We had outstanding success in getting the girls to join us by teasing them into a day at the “A and T”. (“A” for airport and “T” know)
I’ve thought of that old jalopy and the ability of Bo Williams and his brother to reconstruct an old car for our pleasure. He and Kenneth went on to become electrical engineers. My 1949 class lost Bo and his genius, about a year ago. My mother had a story about her experience with a Model T. I’ll share that one later. Henry Ford built a gasoline powered vehicle with a single choice in color – black. There was only one model and it was the “T” and it was a hit, because it was dependable. I do not recall hearing of anyone getting a ‘lemon’. We’ve made progress, but the progress has its limitations in recalls. It’s not like the days of the “Crank and Spark”, donchaknow. Salvation is like the Model “T”. Simple and dependable with never a recall. Isn’t is interesting that folks trust a car with their life, but fail to trust the LORD with their soul.’Tis a puzzlement. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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