First Impressions can be deceiving, donchaknow

I met a man yesterday, a professional gentleman, and was somewhat set back by two things:
(1) His name belied the fact that he was a man
(2) He looked absolutely ‘mean’
The customer review would result in some doubt, so my first impression was the make the most of this interview and look elsewhere.
Things changed rather quickly. He didn’t seem to be too pleased with me, either and after his first utterance, I got the picture. This man was my kind of ‘cut-out-the-small-talk-and-cut-to-the-chase’ fellow. He wasn’t mean, just efficient. He asked three questions, looked at my file, took samples, prescribed meds and said, “I will call when the lab results come in and we will get you back on track. There is no reason for you to be in the shape you are in, so we’ll fix it!”
We shook hands and that was it. My new doctor is my kind of guy. This should be fun. How many times have we made judgements simply on appearance? How arrogant and sinful is that? What is hanging on the outside should never outweigh the value of what is inside, but the required discernment can only come from one source, otherwise it is illicit. Thank You, LORD, for opening the eyes of a cleaned heart. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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