True Confessions

One of my best friends just had to change his name in Facebook. He was told that “DeplorableRex” was deplorable and unacceptable. He couldn’t change his condition, but did change his name. I am Deplorable, Despicable and a total Disgrace. Just as in the case of Paul, I am a sinner-at-top-of-the-list of sinners. I was born that way and could blame it all on ‘Mother Nature and Father Time’, but, in my original state, when the final curtain fell, all my sins would simply get me a ticket to “Time’s Hottest Moments”. A whole bunch of us have been called, “Deplorable!”  (talk about the pot calling the kettle “black”!)  But, that’s not the most important issue, is it? I am in the company of natural man’s worst enemy. HE walked this earth, loving and healing and teaching and saving all of us Deplorable, Despicable, Disgraceful human beings. Even after bringing people back-to-life, HE was accused and found guilty of blasphemy (by the most blasphemous of men) and nailed to a Deplorable, Despicable and Disgraceful cross, bearing in his innocent body, the entire weight of sin for all, forever. He is still called those same ugly names and HE is still my Savior and Friend. Call me anything, but when HE calls me home, I Win. You See? I have decided to follow JESUS and HE has promised to never abandon me for my Faith. Slap me with any names you want. They just bounce off, keeping time as I sing “Praise The LORD!”, and there’s room in the choir, donchaknow. Deplorable?…Delighted!! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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