My Life on the Logitech Keyboard

It is difficult to imagine just how my days would be spent without my computer and Kindle Fire. It was in 1995, living in Vegas, that I had my first computer custom-built my Michada (the same company that built all the systems used at the Test Site). I believe it cost me around $1500.00. I wanted to teach music on the internet, so my son-in-law (with whom I now reside) built a program and launched “The Music Room with Mr. A”. I spent the next year writing music lessons. I had a ball. The whole thing did nothing more than make a very comfortable transition from the job to retirement. I had less than a dozen students ranging in age of 12 to 82. I had been using space on Alan’s server and even though he never said a word, I knew he could use it, so I closed the room after two years.  My entire life of communication is built around email (and now some texting). I have little patience with talking on the phone. I get that from my Dad. He would talk for about 30-seconds and say, “Here’s your mother”. Members of my Carolina Clan gave me my first Kindle when I turned 80 and I’ve worn three of them out. I’ve read so many books, I get a request of “return” please. I am using ebooks from the library and they now limit the number I can check-out. I have my library on  the HDFire10 and the other is for surfing and two games. I love spider solitaire and MiniPool8. I tried the war games, but even though  it is make believe, the blood and violence gives me bad dreams. The Twins are into the ‘Mine-whatever’ and I tried it, but all I could do was blowup bricks and chase  a wierd animal. My big joy is to write my blog in ‘waterwader’. It makes my life worthwhile….that and Adrian Rogers. My daughter gave me a cell phone that was supposed to be better than my ‘Jitterbug’, but my fingers are simply too large for the ‘tiny’ keyboard and I am too clumsy to be able to answer calls without ‘ending’ them before I could even say ‘hello’. I can TXT now, but it takes a bit of time to correct my typos. One could say I am antique, but I’ve never had more fun. I have my family back, three cats, a Pom, Terrific Twins, my Kindle, my own “man cave” with a PC and laptop, a Trike and a drone. Now, why should a Child of the King wish for more? That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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