Final Say (My personal decision)

Some have asked me concerning the coming election and my decision. I am not totally pleased with my choices, however when I consider why these are our only choices, I think back when years ago, Donald Trump caught the attention of people when he pointed out some very sad conditions and lack of respect of America on the part of rest of the world. Immediately, there was a ground-swell of interest, many opponents and attacks from media and yet he has overcome.. and it hasn’t changed. Regardless of all the rhetoric and mud-slinging, as far as I am concerned, we must not allow the debt to continue that will have our innocent chidren owing a gigantic amount in repayment. Too many are now only interested in ‘what my country can do for them now’, they have absolutely no interest in assessing just how much it will cost to continue the free ride. What Donald Trump is saying, regardless of how he may say it, is just what we must do. In the last debate, he asked, “If you have thirty-years experience in government, why haven’t you made all your promises happen before now?” Isn’t that the question we must ask and isn’t that why we hold present government responsible for the state of the nation? Isn’t that reason enough to disregard “the party” and consider “the person”? Isn’t it time to face the Truth and take control of our own future and that of our children? Isn’t it time we, as true believers, do make America Great Again, under GOD? Isn’t it time to humble ourselves, confess our sins, pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek HIS face? Well, isn’t it? My decision is for change. Isn’t it time to clean house in Washington, never to return to political correctness and status quo? GOD commands us to respect those in charge. Let’s put people there who sincerely want to earn our respect and are sincerely honest in doing so. And, finally my position, “We must keep Hillary off the Hill and Kaine isn’t Able”.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN and AMEN!

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