We were visiting family in Salt Lake, Utah a number of years ago. It was summertime and the youngsters (and some of the other adults) ran through a water fountain that was specifically for that purpose in a large shopping center. We had more than a car full, so we parked on the upper level of their parking garage. After the fun of getting all wet, we stopped for burgers and a Pepsi in an outdoor eatery. After mostly drying off, we returned to the parking garage. It was at the time that I had been diagnosed with COPD, so they suggested that I wait and they would pick me up. I waited for quite a while and grew concerned. I thought,”What if this is only an up ramp? I’d best go down to meet them.” Wrong decision. I must have trudged, gasping, for at least 10-minutes and finally simply “was LOST!” I panicked. My blood pressure must have climbed to bursting, my vision clouded and I just knew “this was the end”. Talk about praying!! No way could I kneel without falling over, so I leaned my head against a pillar and actually wept. Of course, it was at that emotional peak that the family pulled up with a mix of concern, frustration and relief. Wiping tears of joy, I meekly got into the car and said, “I was lost”, and the whole crowd burst into laughter. As I think back, I realize that I had hope in despair. I may have not considered that fact, but I was safe in the arms of MY GOD. Faith succumbed to the natural doubt of worthiness, resulting in worry. I am embarrassed by my weaknesses, but GOD is faithful to care for HIS own. HE has been there, every time I was in trouble, even those times when my arrogance put me in the situation. As a Child of THE KING, we may be confused of direction, but if we stop and follow “GOD’s GPS”, we will never be abandoned. That’s worth a PRAISE THE LORD, donchaknow. That gentle breeze is just from HIS sheltering wings! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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