Hearfelt Thanks

I have been totally retired for a number of years. I say ‘totally’, since I ‘retired’ four times. Fiddle-footed all my life, to do nothing in a workplace was too much to bear, so I substituted (and taught one year full-time) in a Christian School. My last paycheck, other than retirement, was for national TV as the voice of Bill France Sr., inducted posthumously to the first NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010. (With a reputation for “One Take”, the producer gave me top billing at the beginning of the video for doing so) I would love to be “Big Tex” at the Texas State Fair once, and will pursue an audition if GOD wills. (I’ve just noted that my wades contain a bunch of “I”, but it’s not bragging, It’s all in giving GOD the Glory! I have never failed to give HIM my “Heartfelt Thanks”. I never did vocal exercises nor spoke in altered modulation unless in vocal portrayal. What you get is what GOD placed and for me to take credit for the gift would be blasphemy, and that would be tragic, donchaknow. My Voice has been my provision. My GOD is my Provider. To HIM be the Glory. If you have been given a special gift that has sustained you and yours, please join me in expressing gratitude to a GOD of Mercy and Grace by giving HIM the Glory! That’s what I get from MY Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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