Paycheck to Paycheck

Praise GOD that I’ve never been unemployed for very long! Beginning at the age of ten, for the next 70 years, here is my employment record: Mount Pleasant Daily Times, J C Penney, Guaranty Bond Bank, First Presbyterian in Huntsville, First Methodist in Huntsville, Cedar Bayou Schools, First Baptist in Cedar Bayou, Pampa Independent Schools, First Episcopal in Pampa, Central Baptist in Pampa, KPDN, KFDA, KLYN, KRAY, WINN, KIMP, KTAL, Lone Star Steel, Bryan Public Schools, Bryan First Baptist, KBTX, KORA, KTAM, Sound Ideas, Jefferson Standard Life, VitaCraft, BabyTenda, Community Cable, State Farm Insurance, Brenham First Methodist, KWHI, KODA, Westward Productions(Universal Studios), Houston Post, KORK, First Southern Baptist, National Broadcasting School, Foothills Baptist Church, KDWN, Desert Hills Church, KKVV, Northside Christian Academy and many voice-overs, volunteer HOA board member, creator of “Family Circle” and “WaterWader”, Husband of two wives, father of four fine adults, grandfather of six, temporary resident at Colonial Village in Longview and now Senior Supervisor of Terrific Twins in The Colony and fairly capable plastic airplane model builder. Whew! Now you know what has kept me going and just how excitingly blessed my life has been. GOD made me and gave me opportunities, some of which I improved and some I didn’t, but through all these, I did better when HE was at the controls. One thing I can attest to and that was the satisfaction of doing my best. I gave an honest day’s labor for my pay. Governmental ‘hand-outs’ can result in the worst kind of slavery. Dear GOD, a download of common sense, please! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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