The Rating Game

Every broadcast station in every market in the U. S. is rated annually by Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio). Market shares determine the value of each radio and television entity. In smaller markets, the local offerings have to compete with stations within a market area and many times, the local has the lowest share. Sales are reflected in the ‘ratings’. In Las Vegas, I was ‘on-air’ for a time and then enjoyed years of management. I was fortunate to work at two radio stations with the top AM rating in each city. As evaluation time approached, we all did everything we could to tweek our programming and win the “sweeps”.  Listeners were randomly issued a booklet in which they marked daily journals of their listening activity in quarter-hour segments. This information was mailed back to the rating company and averages of listening were published. Advertising was greatly influenced by the results. From the original “one station per market”, today there is a plethora of offerings. AM stations had the first chance, then cam FM and market shares were quickly divided. To have the best rating was reason to celebrate until the next “book” came out. Top ratings were difficult to maintain, but that is in broadcasting. Those stressful days are behind me and I have assurance that I get a top rating for much longer than a few months. Accepting John 3:16 has made my journey through the valley much happier. I see that glorious vision of a welcome home at the top of the next hill and that hill is a plateau that extends to eternity. Praise GOD for sending HIS SON to take on my debt and pay it “IN FULL”!  Aren’t you glad you listen to GOD’s ‘Broadcast”?  Don’t you wish everybody did?  HIS truth is marching on and it is for everyone, so take time to share it today. OK?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “The Rating Game

  1. I did ne of those ‘ratings’ booklets a couple of times, a few years apart: they didn’t want to hear from me when they found out I mostly listened to a few minutes of the ‘Weather Channel’ and some other program each day for most of the week they were rating. When I did the second one, at a different address a few years later, they didn’t want to know that I liked the ‘Outdoor Channel’ better than network TV! So much for really wanting to know what the ‘people’ really watch instead of the drivel pushed by the networks!


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