I Remember Red Ryder

Ryder is a big name this week. USA vs. Europe is one of golf’s most prestigious events. The Ryder Cup is awarded the winning team and Captain Davis Love III has ‘drafted’ his most talented team. Darren Clark has done the same for Europe. The pride of each nation is on the line and I will be among the millions who watch. I remember the television series, “Red Ryder” and all the stars who rode the screen, including Bill Elliott and Robert Blake. I also recall the 1938 Daisy “Red Ryder” BB-gun. It still is the leading seller in BB-guns today. I always wanted a Daisy Red Ryder BB-gun, but had to enjoy firing a friend’s. My parents were opposed to any gun that shot anything that could cause blindness or injury. My memories of ‘shooting’ with some of my friends proved the wisdom of that decision. BBs stung! Mattie and Sam’s boy went home early. I wonder, would ‘gun control’ proponents include banning the Daisy Red Ryder BB-gun? What if the only weapons available were Daisy Red Ryder BB-guns? People could wear plastic shielded headgear and heavy jackets and that would probably make shooting each other boring like paint guns, donchaknow. What in world started this whole thing, today? I must have had a point in mind, or is it senility? “Tis a Puzzlement. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.
AMEN or “OH MY”?

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