The Heart of the Matter

The problem with retirement facilities is that laughter and patience is at a minimum. Here, on the outside, the problems are more numerous and they all begin ‘within’.  Hearts have been hardening for over 40-years. We have a whole generation that believes there is no absolute. We have politicians who are caught in a lie and they still are viable candidates. We have teachers (and preachers) who share untruths and we have children with no parental guidance to discern the difference. We are a mess, but we’ve been that for too long.  I heard Pastor Pete Briscoe describe our condition  as a “Lack of Contrite Heart”.  He suggested we spend our time in GOD’s Holy Word, look to HIM for our needs, be joyful in every circumstance and look for the image of hearts. We found two yesterday and can’t wait for one or more to appear. As the song goes, “We gotta have heart!”  That’s what I get from My Box o Chocolates.   AMEN

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