Fees of Fraud

I have concern when switching my retirement direct deposit from one bank to another. It’s easier, and less costly to withdraw cash along with a purchase. To quibble over a few dollars is illicit to many, but to a limited income, elderly person, those two and three dollar fees add up. Banks should be ashamed. Congress should be loaded with guilt for allowing such violation of privilege. We could live to see banks charge to cash a check at the counter, since there is a wage-earning teller involved. Why not charge $5.00 to speak to a person about anything, or have a cover-charge at the door or when we are told to “press one” to get information about our own money?
I am told there are banks without ‘any service charge’. I just might find a bank that is more considerate of us old guys. The whole practice is simply fraud caused by greed. I just had an invite to change my black debit card to a platinum debit card. I didn’t choose to do so since there was a $14.95 monthly fee charged for the change. It probably allowed withdrawal from another bank for free, but it didn’t prevent the other bank from charging $3.00 for the transaction. It’s just another reason to change all the locks on all the office doors in Washington, donchaknow. Who says we are not living in times of “taxation without representation”? That’s why I don’t drink tea. To the ‘friendly’ neighborhood banks with “people” to talk to, I apologize. And, to the banks and businesses that still have a ‘live-English-speaking’ person who answers the phone, I say “Thanks”. And, to my Loving GOD who graciously forgives HIS sinful child, I say, “Hallelujah, Thine the Glory, Revive us Again!” And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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