Not Just a Golfer

I learned at an early age, that I was not an athlete and golf, most especially, was not something I would enjoy. I once went ‘golfing’ with my son and after the first tee and ten minutes of ‘looking’ for my ball, he suggested that I ‘drive the cart’. I nearly ran us into a creek and am certain he regretted the invitation entirely. My father loved Arnie and he would be heartbroken today. I never was too interested in golf until Tiger. I met some golf pros in Vegas, but until Tiger started his run, I didn’t watch many golf tournaments. Howvcer, I do recall my first tournament. It was with Travis Bryan and Red Burditt. We walked the course with Arnie. It was at the Woodlands, just outside Conroe, Texas. It was exciting to watch. Arnold Palmer didn’t have a smooth swing, all he had was power and presence. He loved the game and the spectators. I will never forget, as Arnold Palmer walked the fairway to the 18th green, the masses began to shout “Arnie”, applaud in a wave as he walked by and grow totally silent as he putted. It was a chilling experience. It was obvious that we all were in the company of a true ‘champion’. I was
in the presence of the ‘king of golf’. I pray that that king was greeted by MY KING yesterday. I pray that MY KING will have said, “Well done, my son! You used the opportunity to excel in an honorable fashion. You weren’t perfect,nor worthy to come into my presence, but by your FAITH, you are welcome.” Would to GOD every athlete would have that same honor. Rest in Peace, Arnold Palmer. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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