I was saddened, yet honored, to play ‘Taps’ over the grave of those who lost their lives in WWII. I felt a deep sadness for those who received a folded American Flag at the close of the service. and jumped in response to the twenty-one-gun-salute. As I played my horn, I felt pride in the bravery of those who gave everything in order for me to live in freedom. I have sung “God Bless America” dozens of times. I have sung “The Star Spangled Banner” too many times to count. I have pledged Allegiance to my flag more than that. I have stood in honor of the only FREE nation on earth. We are blessed by GOD and only through HIS MERCY and GRACE do we still exist. We certainly do not deserve all our blessings and we certainly do not have the freedom to curse that which GOD has provided. We have become a nation of “Suers” and “Protestors”. No demonstration will cure the sinful condition of hearts in ‘natural mankind’. I didn’t play Taps over the graves of heroes for the rights of free will hatred. Those whose remains lay in graves didn’t die for us to hate and destroy. My LORD JESUS CHRIST didn’t go to that disgusting cross so that we might wallow in self and sin. My BIBLE says, “A trumpet shall sound” and things will get ugly for a long time. I have a ticket to ride the night owl to Glory. I will not demonstrate for other cause than HIS HONOR and GLORY, donchaknow. You may go on singing “My Way”. I will pray for you to see the light. Just remember, “The Trumpet Sounds Sooner Than Expected!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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