On Your Knees

This is my letter to those who are ‘demonstrating’ during the playing of our National Anthem. “You have the right to demonstrate, but not in hatred or disrespect. You who now do so are simply ‘copy cats’. You are simply causing those who do respect Old Glory, and what it represents, to pity you. Shame on those who make statements of hatred and violence. Shame on adults who have the special honor of teaching our youth. What is happening today is proof of the unmitigated lie of “No Absolute”. Shame on all who make excuses for expressions of hatred and disrespect. Shame on America for losing our way. Shame on media for making such a glorified issue of such events. Shame on us for not realizing just how attractive violence and riot is to misguided youth, seeking notice. Certainly, all of you have a ‘right’ to demonstrate, but GOD is not mocked. HE allowed Kings when Israel failed to honor HIM. He gave all of us free will to do as we would, but HIS judgement is final and I pray that those who hold hate and bitterness in their hearts, have a change of heart and read the final chapter in GOD’s Word. Shame on those in authority for leading all of us down the wrong path. Shame on those of us who KNOW what is right, who fail to STAND on those principals! SHAME, SHAME.”

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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