Christmas Day With Jesus and MattieT

For all my life I’ve been blessed at Christmas with bits of family. That’s the fact of life for a divorcee. This year it could just be me and MattieT. You would think that would be depressing, but my pup and I will be joined by the Giver of my greatest gift, My Lord Jesus Christ. He has stood at my wreath-draped door for all these years and didn’t even ring my doorbell. Any or all of my family are welcome, but my special guest is really all we need. After all, He is the Reason for the Season,donchaknow.   Joy to the world, My Lord has come, and there’s enough to go around, even to your house.  But, hold the presses!  Great News!  What was going to be a solitary Christmas has miraculously become a full family Christmas in Bryan …..I am included. Prayers have been answered and that 40-year-old-empty-seat will be filled. It was not my intention to bring about a problem, but I just have never felt it wise to invade what has been ‘tradition’ for all but me. I know my children would have liked me to be there, but this time…I have been graciously invited to attend by my children’s mother. This ‘shock wave’ couldn’t have come at a better time. It is only important to just a few of us, but its importance is also proof to everyone who shares this ‘wading’….GOD hears and answers prayers from HIS Children. It may not go as we ‘wish’, every time, but this time I know, “The Lord has blessed me and kept me for this Christmas” and I’ll not waste a moment doing anything but loving and praising HIM, donchaknow. “I’ll be home for Christmas!” AND…that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN and AMEN!

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