From Pole to Pole

In looking back, I must have been an “unhappy” child. I have very little memory of early childhood, so it must not have been a HOOT. I have spent hours thinking about my life, many thoughts have been shared here as we wade together, but all those memories could be described as ‘foggy’. Surely I would recall more happenings than I do, if all was “happy”, so why is this so? I’ve always wondered why I would have ‘dark’ thoughts, like when yearbook pictures were taken, I would simply skip those of clubs or special groups. My pictures in each class section didn’t show much joy. I still do not smile brightly like most. I truly must be ‘Bi-Polar’! I could describe my early life as “lonely among friends”. I know I was loved, but it must have taken a special person to truly like me. (I can’t believe all of this is flowing with such ease and joy!??) I must thank Dr. Devine for leveling with me and putting me on ‘happy pills’ a few years back. I could call that period of my life, “The Devine Intervention”. I always wondered why I as left out of so many activities by my closest friends and while wading this stream, GOD tells me, “Well, my boy, you are a jerk!” HeeLawSy! If you don’t really want the truth about yourself, don’t ask HIM. All my life I just thought others simply didn’t understand me. How could anyone who truly cared, not see that I was right all the time? I thought I lifted the shade in that men’s prayer group, but the noise you hear is the turkeybuzzard slapping the top of the window! WOW! I was walking, all alone, through the Valley of Shadows. During those Mutual Broadcasting Mystery programs, “The Shadow” would say…..”Who knows what Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?” Well, The Shadow didn’t know all of it, but GOD did, does, and if I’d been listening to HIM all these years maybe I, too, could have been invited to go to Galveston, or Caddo, or more parties, or chosen sooner than last, or to join a certain musical combo. I could have been ‘liked’ as much as I was loved, donchaknow….really. So it wasn’t just the pills, after all. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

2 thoughts on “From Pole to Pole

  1. You could have been describing me in your blog! God placed Dr. J Walker (my Dr. Devine) in my life in 1999. I’ve been taking my ‘happy/heavenly’ pills ever sense. AMEN!

    I love you to pieces, Dad! mj❤️


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