Back when It couldn’t be worse

Rationing!!! Folks may think things are tight now, but they ‘aint seen nothin’ yet’ with rationing. With today’s ‘gimme’ attitude, what we were subjected to in the heat of WWII would be more than we could take. Production of goods were mostly done in America and thus limited to a certain extent. In order to provide our troops the things they needed to carry on the fight, we made some very difficult sacrifices. We accepted all the limitations with mumblings and irritation, but we accepted them. There was no outcry of invasion of privacy. There was a bit of bartering and that was a ‘no-no’, but sugar, nylon hosiery, tires and gasoline were much in demand. Every family was issued coupons for purchase of many things and once the coupon book was empty, then the bartering began. One of the main sacrifices was the change from GREEN to RED on a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes. Our military needed green for uniforms and camouflage. There wasn’t much Welfare either. Today, there would be national riots in ‘protest’, donchaknow. I wonder just how much ‘funny money’ we could have used back then. I wonder just how long it took to pay down that debt. ‘Tis a Puzzlement. GOD help US!
That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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