My ‘Half-way’ House

For most of my life I resided in a “half way” house. I did church work, taught Sunday School, Ministered to the sick, Prayed in public, carried a Bible and wore a tie on Sunday. I even ‘led’ folks to pray the prayer of salvation, but I was doing it with my transmission in neutral. Other than the thrill of performance and the blessed experience of teaching, every seeming success left something out. I now realize my successes were not a result of what I was doing, but a trickle down from GOD. I was simply scratching the surface of my gifts. I was working very hard, but worshiping very little. Then, a few years ago, family circumstances put me on my knees. It was a epiphany of such magnitude, I found myself sharing my life with a few men and a Prayer Group at Harvest Community Church in Charlotte. Boy, did I ‘lift the shade!’ I walked out of that half-way house of shadows, into the light of GOD’s GRACE. I am paying the physical price of my folly, but my body is temporary and I awaken daily, rejoicing in the truth of just what it is all about. I am pretty much a ‘home body’, but through the miracle of the internet, I can share my wanderings with unlimited readers. In addition to the Hills in Thailand, I now reach missionary friends In Hungary! You might say. “The WaterWader wades ‘Worldwide’. Even with 32% breathing capacity, I can worship with Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley and Pete Briscoe right in my living room. (I truly miss J. Vernon McGee on the radio, donchaknow.) No more ‘half-way’ for GOD, friends, I’m in the game “Whole Hog”, and there’s a position you can fill on my team! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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