Socks and Jocks

I have the greatest respect for men and women who participate in sports. I gave in and tried football in high school, but when introduced to the boys’ locker room and was issued the used ‘soft’ products of the sport, I was less than interested. To be so bold as to refuse to put my body in danger and sweat in smelly socks and jocks just to ‘belong’, well it lasted as long as my first catch of the ball and resulting mass of stinking humanity as they piled on and pressed my face into the ground. The resulting terror of claustrophobia was just enough to have me return to our bench, remove my helmet, jersey, shoulder pads and shoes, present them to the coach and, after a quite shower, take my cornet and my place in the Tiger Band. Even with the obvious displeasure of Tigerdom, I never regretted my decision. I thank GOD that my parents have missed the behavior of athletes today. Abuse of family and income, tatoos covered with very expensive suits, cars and houses. Now, comes dishonoring our national anthem and desecration of our flag. Is there anything sacred today? Of course, the answer would send Sam and MattieT into a hissie…a look in the mirror is enough for many to praise them self. The locker rooms are still stinky, but the jingle of gold chains and dousing of expensive ointments precludes the odor. I still love football, I just wish those who play the game would stop to realize their obligation to a Loving GOD for their good fortune.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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