“Sin City”

24 years in Las Vegas was most interesting. The city is no more evil than any other. I am certain of that. Proof comes from scripture. GOD sent JESUS to us for the sole purpose of propitiation for every sin, except one. I enjoyed our years there. For me, the opportunity to meet and know the rich and famous was a HOOT. It was neat to see some of those men look on our efforts on stage, with a bit of envy. Most of them really wanted to be in the play, especially when Dolly’s movie was announced. I’ve listed all the famous faces we saw backstage and front-row center. A few in our company had done movies with some and I know of one who is still appearing on the screen from time to time. Peter Masterson has chosen a number of fellow cast members for roles in several of his productions. Three participated in other touring companies and three played in the Broadway production. My biggest thrill was meeting so many musical greats. Vegas is the home of hundreds of retired ‘big band’ members. The casinos hired several for their show rooms. The Mills Brothers, The Platters, The McGuire Sisters, Joe Williams, Sonny Turner, Don Cherry, The Four Freshmen, Charlie Shaffer and The Decastro Sisters all shared time with the big names like Streisand, Goulet, Humperdinck, Rogers, Denver, Bennett, Mathis, Orlando, Sinatra, Davis Jr. and Reynolds. Many I met, but the most fun was with former big band members. They had stories and most have published books about those days. At one time, every major production was accompanied by live orchestra. Once recorded trax came along, most of those fine musicians looked for jobs as greeters in casinos and Walmart. “These people do so many interviews, it is sometimes difficult to have them sense safety. “Home work” would provide what was of interest to them, then they would relax and enjoy a conversation. I learned the secret to a good interview was to ‘listen’. Folks weren’t interested in anyone other than my guest. I also discovered that fame comes with a price of loneliness once the curtain falls and the house is dark. Oh, yes…that one sin for which there is no forgiveness is unbelief. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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