Sit Down, Servant and Listen! (political opinion)

There are two topics of conversation that I have always been told were taboo–religion and politics.  Well, what I share about JESUS isn’t ‘religion’. That subject is far above politics. It is the sole message of my life. Now, as to politics, we need to discuss  its importance. Grown men are so controlled by ‘party’, they can’t hear what common folks are saying. There is only one voice sounding the rebel yell and the party clones are doing everything they can to scuttle what the forgotten masses have been saying for years. How can anyone oppose what our nation must do to slam on the brakes of runaway spending. (The whole give-away program simply buys votes, donchaknow) How can we ever stand around complaining of going broke and not consider choosing change?  ‘Tis a puzzlement, but it is clear to me.  I’ve never printed money at home, but isn’t that what we’re doing as a nation. It seems we’ve become a nation of “counterfeiters”.  We’ve circled the wagons and then welcomed those who sneak in. It is difficult for me to understand how anyone under investigation can be allowed to run for office without a clean bill of health, both physically and personally. You can do or not do, but as for me I will follow the ONE who Loves me So. I’ve done too much for which I have been forgiven, so why purposely include another mistake? That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN or “Oh My!”?

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