On Mission

My very good friends, Don and Sai, missionaries to Thailand, have published a newsletter of good news, You can  read it at their internet address below:


While attending Harvest Community Church in Charlotte, we were blessed by knowing so many missionary families, serving around the world. Theirs is a unique life, sharing CHRIST, without adequate materials and human help. I can’t imagine taking on the responsibility of teaching sound doctrine in a foreign language, much less carrying on a conversation with people there. Don is obviously doing so, but it took a while. Sai is a native, so it wasn’t as if he was totally alone. Please pray for Don and Sai and those who come to hear of JESUS. Pray for the young couple who surrendered to GOD’s Will. I have come to realize the reaping of a harvest also. As I move on from my short time here at Colonial Village, I will leave behind a plethora of good friends and sweet spirit. GOD sent me here and HE provided a loving family of outstanding quality with the where-with-all to support it. I, too, have a mission that fills my heart with song. With GOD’s power, I leave part of me behind, may it be richly anointing to those who remain, and may all who come behind me find me Faithful. As the doors of daily life slowly close, may there be a still, small voice of encouragement, hope and joy remaining. Please, take a moment and visit HarvestThai and Bless this house, O LORD.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

One thought on “On Mission

  1. Ha! I was watering plants outside when my phone beeped and I pulled it out of my pocket and saw your email notification! What a hoot!

    Thanks so much for sharing with your “Waders” about us. We appreciate it more than we can say.

    We treasure our memories of our times spent with you. I remember our Bible study group when we studied 1 Corinthians. I wasn’t the greatest of leaders for that study, but you always made me feel as though I was.

    I enjoy reading all your posts. I particularly enjoyed the recent one that included some old photos of yours. You have had some wonderful experiences in your life, but I appreciate the fact that you are humble about them and you know where your real treasure lies!

    Sai passes along her warm greetings and her love! She’d give you a big hug if she could.

    We are glad to know you will be moving to be with family. Colonial Village has been a blessing to you, and I know you feel that way, but it’s just not the same as being with your own kin. Amen? God bless you, Jim! We love you!!

    Don & Sai


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